Family say cab driver stabbed in Friday attack still in ICU

by: Torie Wells Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Gary Hinson was identified by police as the cab driver stabbed in a Friday attack.

Hospital officials said he was upgraded to serious condition on Monday morning.

Hinson's family told Eyewitness News on Sunday he is still in the intensive care unit and they expect him to be at the hospital for several days.  

He woke up for the first time Sunday afternoon, but they are still concerned about Hinson's recovery. They are concerned about the future of the man police said attacked their loved one.

"I cannot imagine what my brother went through when he was being attacked like that, fighting for his life," said his sister, Barbara Hinson.

Police said 41-year-old Brian Chandler stabbed Gary Hinson several times, then stole his cab and crashed it. Chandler faces several charges including assault with a deadly weapon and attempted first degree murder.

"It was a very violent attack," Barbara Hinson said.

Gary Hinson's sisters said they don't think people realize how violent the attack was. They said their brother was stabbed in the head, the face, his neck and that his tongue was deeply cut.

"My heart aches for him," said sister Sherry Hinson.

"It was intent to kill," said Lee Hinson, the victim's wife.

Lee Hinson said she is thankful he opened his eyes Sunday.

"I feel like it's a step closer to home," Lee Hinson said.

Although hopeful, the family still has questions.

They want to know why the man who police said attacked their loved one was let out. Police said Chandler was wearing the electronic device for domestic violence related charges.

"We want people to know he doesn't need to be on the street. He doesn't need an ankle bracelet he can cut off. He needs to be put away or he's really going to hurt someone else," Barbara Hinson said.

Chandler is due in court Monday afternoon.

Hinson's family said they are very thankful for the support they've received from the doctors and even from strangers. They added people have called the hospital to see how Gary Hinson is doing.