Family Focus: Charity helps military families in emergency situations

by: Erica Bryant Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A local organization that rescues military families in financial crises just received a big donation.

Patriot Charities donated $30,000 to Operation Home Front.

Navy Petty officer Thomas Perry and his wife, Carla, reflected on the trying times they experienced after their son, Jackson, was born prematurely. He weighed barely 1.5 pounds.

As they struggled to get by emotionally and financially, Operation Home Front stepped in to help with gift cards and formula.

“Whatever the need was, it was like they had an answer for all of it,” Perry said.

Operation Home Front President Jane Weaver Sobel said the charity provides emergency funding for the lowest-ranking, lowest-paid servicemen and women.

“We pay the rent, mortgage, car repair and car insurance. We put food on the table to keep them from falling through the cracks,” she said.

If the families qualify, there is no limit to the amount a military family can receive. Applications are done online.

“It’s all kept anonymous because, for many people, it’s an embarrassment that they are having trouble, and especially in the military, they want to feel like they are strong and able,” Sobel said.

Jackson Perry is now a healthy and strong 4-year-old.

He and his parents feel like family at Operation Home Front, having received aide from the agency twice over Jackson’s four years.

They said they do not know what they would have done without the assistance.

“It’s quite a blessing to have,” Perry said.

Operation Home Front has chapters all over the country, but all the money donated locally stays with local military families.

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