• Family mourns after teen drowns in apartment pool

    By: Trish Williford


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Family members of a 13-year-old boy told Channel 9 they had no idea where he was when police found his body at the bottom of a swimming pool at Woodbridge Apartments on Saturday.
    They said Abishek Tamang went to the complex with friends Saturday afternoon and never returned home.
    The family searched for him and the next day called his friends and found out he had been with friends at the pool. The family called police and learned he was dead.

    “We really miss him. He's a really nice cousin. He's a really nice son for him, he's a lovely one”  said Dorga Tamang, the victim's cousin.
    Officers had trouble locating the body because they said the water was too murky, according to the incident report. 
    Two boys who found the body told Channel 9 it was difficult for them to see the body.
    There have not been any violations in the apartment’s inspection reports.
    Charlotte police is calling the incident a death investigation.

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