Woman trying to undo damage after naked photos posted online

By: Mark Becker


KANNAPOLIS, N.C. - A woman in Kannapolis and her daughters are trying to undo the damage done by a man who posted nude pictures of her on Facebook.

It started innocently enough, when Flecia Lynch started chatting on line with a man who claimed to be a soldier serving in Afghanistan.

"I told her to stop talking to him. It just didn't sound right," said her daughter, Alicia Lynch.

Her mother said she'd sent the man nude photos, and then several weeks later a flat-screen TV showed up at their home and he told Flecia Lynch she needed to ship it to his daughter in Ghana, Africa, or he would post her nude photos on Facebook.

The Lynches didn't do it.

"No, because we don't have $3,000 or $5,000 lying around that we just need to give to somebody," said Latoya Lynch.

On Thursday morning, they began to hear from friends who said they had seen Flecia's nude photos online.

The Lynches reported the case to Kannapolis police who have assigned a detective to investigate the case.

"We did get some information that this individual may have international ties outside the country," said Capt. Ken Jackson. But Jackson said prosecuting a suspect who is outside the U.S. would be difficult.

Alicia Lynch has notified Facebook and asked them to take her mother's pictures off the site, but the damage is done.

"Hopefully Facebook will take them down, but who's to say they won't post them again?" she said.

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