• Father says he feared for his life before son shot neighbor


    GASTONIA, N.C. - A father said he may have been killed if his son had not shot their neighbor.
    Leon Carroll Sr., 69, told Channel 9 his neighbor was beating him with a stick in his driveway on Summer Drive.
    “He said, ‘I’m going to kill you. I’m going in kill you,’” Carroll said.
    Police said the neighbor, who was shot in the hip, is still in the hospital. The man is not talking to investigators and no one has been charged.
    The neighbors of the man who was shot said he got angry Sunday and had deadly intentions.
    Carroll Sr. walks with a prosthetic leg. He said his son, Leon Carroll Jr. shot the man in the hip.
    “If he hadn’t come out and done what he done then I wouldn’t be here today,” the father said.
    The son said his neighbor was acting strangely Sunday and started arguments.
    “There was something else contributing to the way he was acting the other day,” Carroll Jr. said. “It wasn’t him. It just wasn’t him.”
    The father was unloading his truck Sunday afternoon when he said he was attacked.
    Carroll Jr. Said he came outside and saw his father being clubbed.
    He grabbed his pistol.
    The father said his son warned the neighbor to leave, but the man just got bolder.
    After the son fired the shot, he called 911.
    The man’s injuries were not life-threatening. The neighbor is expected to get out of the hospital soon.

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