• 6 arrested after FBI raid at Cherryville PD, City Hall, city official says


    CHERRYVILLE, N.C. -  Six men went to federal court to face a judge and multiple charges on Wednesday, and they could face many years in prison if convicted.

    Frankie Dellinger, a Cherryville Police Department reserve officer; Wesley Golden, a Gaston County Sheriff's Office reserve deputy; and Mark Hoyle, a Cherryville resident, were among them.

    In one indictment, federal officials say an undercover investigation revealed the men were involved in several illegal activities, including conspiracy to traffic and receive stolen goods. The indictment mentions $158,000 worth of stolen televisions, generators and motor vehicles and $400,000 in cash from the sale of stolen goods.

    A second indictment is against Casey Crawford and David Mauney, both Cherryville police officers, and John Hendricks, a Cherryville resident.

    The indictment says they conspired to provide protection for truckloads of stolen televisions, generators and chainsaws worth a total of $300,000 and cash from the sale of those stolen goods.

    The suspects are being held without bond. Each is expected to appear in court on Friday for more hearings.

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    Friends of officers arrested in Cherryville case stunned

    Major changes were implemented at the Cherryville Police Department on Wednesday.

    City leaders suspended the chief and captain of the department with pay. The announcement came hours after a federal raid of the town that landed six Cherryville men in jail, including several police officers.

    A federal indictment accused the six men of taking bribes from people running stolen goods through town.

    Doyle Brown, a former Cherryille police officer, told Eyewitness News he was close friends with several of the suspects.

    "It kind of hits you hard. It's hard to believe. I don't want to believe it," said Brown.

    Brown lives down the street from suspect Wesley Golden. Our cameras were rolling as federal agents raided Golden's house in Cherryville Wednesday morning and other areas in the town. We also captured the suspects as they filed into federal court.

    In one indictment, former officer Frankie Dillinger, former Gaston County deputy Wesley Golden and Cherryille resident Mark Hoyle were accused of conspiracy to traffic and receive stolen goods.

    In another incident officers Casey Crawford and David Mauney, along with Cherryville resident John Hendricks, were accused of providing protection for truckloads of stolen goods. The charges could land them in prison for years, if convicted.

    "I do feel for their families and everyone that's close to them," said Crawford.

    During their first appearance in federal court Wednesday, all six suspects were denied bond. However, the judge set detention hearings for each suspect and arraignment hearings for Friday.

    The current police chief told Eyewitness News he was totally shocked by the charges and had no clue about the alleged activities.

    Officials said local police departments will help police the Cherryville area until the investigation is complete.

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