FBI seeks assistance in child pornography case

by: Jason Stoogenke Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Federal agents need help in a child pornography case.

FBI agents say they found pictures on the internet -- images of a girl about 10 years old in sexually explicit poses.

They also say they noticed a man in the photos on a bed, watching the girl.

Agents want to know who he is and worked out a deal to post his picture on seven billboards in and around Charlotte.

April McCombs worries about her daughter who isn't far from 10 years old herself.

She said, "That means he's probably hanging around at the store or something, trying to get kids, pick them up and stuff. Might be at the bus stop. You never know."

Agents looked deeply into the photos and say they noticed a hat with a certain sports logo, part of what may be a phone book, and a cup from a certain chain of convenience stores, QuikTrip.

Only 12 cities in the country have QuikTrips, and Charlotte is one of them.

So agents think there is a chance the man could be in the area.