• Federal aid used in Lincolnton after last year's flooding

    By: Sarah Rosario


    LINCOLNTON, N.C. - The city of Lincolnton used federal aid to fix damage caused by last summer's flooding.
    This time last year the only way to get through parts of the city was by boat.
    With more rain in the forecast this week, city leaders in Lincolnton hope it won't lead to flooding like they saw last summer. 

     "Yeah we definitely don't want what we had last year. Our ball fields, the infields were ruined, pavement in the big parking lot that had to be replaced," said Lincolnton Parks and Recreation Director Richard Haynes.
    The July floods caused more than $700,000 in damage. One of the hardest hit areas was the Betty Ross Park, Lentz Recreation Center.
    "Probably 90 percent of the park was under water," said Haynes.
    In October, the city was declared a disaster area and the president announced it would get money from FEMA.
    City Manager Jeff Emory said they've only received a portion of that money.
    The flooding also damaged several city pump stations.
    "One pump is complete. We hope to have the federal money soon and the other two we are still working on," said Emory.
    The money they've received was used to install a new gym floor, and replace and re-tile the pool, along with other rec center renovations.
    Emory said money to pay for the rest of the damage will come from city savings.
    "We haven't had to raise any taxes or fees to pay for this. It hasn't cost the taxpayers. We just take it out of the city savings," said Emory.
    Emory says when there's a lot of rain in the forecast, they're always concerned city parks and pump stations could flood because they're all in low lying areas.
    "We worry about lift stations and parks just because of where they're located." he said.
    City leaders are hoping to have everything repaired by the end of the year.
    Lincoln County was one of six local counties the president announced federal aid for after the July 27 floods.

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