• Feds: Woman sends boyfriend nude photos of 4-year-old son

    By: Tina Terry


    IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. - A 4-year-old boy was taken from his mother after authorities accused her of sending nude pictures of him to her boyfriend. A spokesman with the U.S. attorney said Friday that a warrant was out for her arrest but they wouldn't say if she'd been arrested.
    Eyewitness News went to Iredell County where agents said those pornographic pictures were taken. 

    Feds: Woman sent boyfriend nude photos of 4-year-old son
    The boy's grandmother talked to Channel 9 but was not identified to protect the child’s identity.
    On camera, she said she was shocked to learn her daughter allegedly abused the 4-year-old.
    "I had no notion, no idea that it was happening here, because she hardly saw the kid," she said.
    She said her daughter met a man on Facebook and took her grandson to go live with him in Tennessee sometime last year.
    "First time I seen the guy in Tennessee, I told her, 'Leave the baby with me. You don't take the baby when you go with a new guy because you don't know what they're really like,' but she wouldn't," she said.
    A short time later, she went to Tennessee to bring her grandson back to Iredell County, saying she just didn't feel comfortable about the boy being there.
    An investigation into online pornography in April led federal agents to that boyfriend's email account.
    They learned he'd emailed pictures of the boy and claimed he had access to him and another child for the purposes of sexual exploitation.
    He later told agents he participated in "incestuous sexual encounters with the child and his mother."
    The grandmother said her daughter came back home from Tennessee in April but then she left for New York with her grandson.
    In May, Social Service agents found the boy there and took him into custody. His grandmother said she's been fighting in court to get him ever since.
     "Me and him had such a bond. Now they're keeping us apart," she said.
    The grandmother said her cellphone and computer were seized by officers. 



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