• Fire investigator's home catches fire in Gastonia

    By: Ken Lemon


    GASTONIA, N.C. - Melvin Burris is dealing with a very personal blow for a firefighter.
    The veteran fireman who helped save homes for 28 years is now on the other end of the call for help.
    He was at work doing fire inspections, when the call came out about a fire at his home.
    Fellow fire ighters realized it was Burris' home the moment they drove up to it.
    "It puts a whole different felling and perspective into our job," said Battalion Chief Mark Armstrong with Gastonia Fire Department.
    Firefighters said they were fighting their own emotions while fighting the flames.
    "It's a funny feeling in your gut knowing it's one of your coworkers,” Armstrong said.
    "It's just hard, usually it's not one of our own,” Chief Phil Welch with Gastonia Fire Department said.
     They were able to contain the flames to a garage that had been turned into a spare room.
    The fire started there and gutted the room.
    Neighbors Michael and Deonna Adams went over to help.
    "Anything that he needs, we are going to be there for him,” Michael Adams said.
    They know what it's like to be a fire victim.
     Ten years ago, their home in South Carolina was destroyed
    Deonna Adams was burned in the fire and lost her unborn baby.
    "We definitely understand what it is like,” she said.
     They hope to help Burris get through a tough time.

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