• Firefighters: Woman pulls neighbor from Granite Falls house fire


    GRANITE FALLS, N.C. - A Caldwell County man is calling his neighbor his hero after she pulled him out of his burning home.
    Susan Whiteham said she didn't think twice when she saw the fire and learned that her neighbor Michael Shireman was still inside.   
    "I hollered Michael, Michael, Michael," she said.
    Cheryl Duncan, who witnessed the rescue, said, "There was black smoke everywhere. It was smoking from one end to the other."
    Duncan watched in disbelief as Whiteman rushed into the burning home and then came out the same door dragging Shireman with her. 
    "I started crying," Duncan said.
    Shireman was out of the hospital Friday afternoon after receiving cuts and bruises.  
    He said he possibly fell to the ground from a seizure and couldn't get out on his own. 

    "She's my guardian angel,” Shireman said. “I love her to death."
    But Whiteham said she does not consider herself as a guardian angel.
    "No, I don't,” Whiteham said. “I think God protects me on my duties and watches over me."
    Fire investigators believe the fire was accidental, starting in the kitchen from something left on the stove.

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