• Boy, 3, injured by firework out of hospital

    By: Andrew Doud


    TEGA CAY, S.C. - A 3-year-old boy is out of the hospital after his leg was maimed by a firework Wednesday at the Tega Cay fireworks show.

    His family said an explosive from the show caused the injury.

    "It was a really impressive (show) until there was an accident," said Jerry Woodson, whose grandson was injured.

    When Woodson looked at his grandson, 3-year-old Ami Jay Siegel, the boy was bleeding and had a gash on his knee.

    "I saw about a 3- to 4-inch split on his knee where it was split open," Woodson said.

    Family members said Siegel was sitting in his father’s lap when embers from the fireworks display began to fall on them, ultimately ending with an explosion near the boy's knee.

    He was taken to the hospital and is expected to be OK.

    "It was a miracle that hit him in the knee," Woodson said. "If Ami got up to play with his sister, it probably would've killed his dad because he was in his lap. It left such a hole it would've went through his dad."

    Tega Cay Mayor George Sheppard said he had limited information on the incident, but hoped the child was feeling better.

    Sheppard also said a company called Pyrotechnic put on the display, which it had for the past three years without issue.

    The company is insured.

    Sheppard said he was checking with the city attorney to see if any liability might fall on the city. 

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