First signs of DNC security appear in Uptown

by: Dan Tordjman Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Just a few days before protesters hit the Charlotte streets ahead of the Democratic National Convention, the first signs of security and law enforcement upgrades were starting to become visible.

"Yeah, you can feel it," Jennifer Phillips said.

Phillips works Uptown and noticed other changes coming into work on Thursday.

"It was hard to find parking," Phillips said. "There were different procedures for coming into the building, presenting multiple IDs."

On the streets of Uptown Charlotte, Eyewitness News noticed new security fencing at several locations.

At Eighth and Brevard streets, a fence was put up around a temporary fire station, which was still being constructed.

Channel 9 also noticed fencing, some of it installed and some of it in stacks waiting to be installed, at Johnson & Wales University.

At Memorial Stadium, more fencing was installed around a "public safety post" for the DNC. For security reasons, authorities would not elaborate on what specifically the site is being used for.

"I noticed a lot of guards, Secret Service, FBI," Karthic Rajagopal said.

He works in Uptown, but said he'll be working from home during the DNC.

Eyewitness News asked Rajagopal if it was strange for him to see the added signs of security suddenly appear Thursday.

"Yeah," Rajagopal said. "We're not used to that, but we cannot avoid those things now."