Former CRVA head still being paid six months after resignation

by: Linzi Sheldon Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The former CEO of the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority continues to receive payments more than six months after he resigned from the agency.

His latest paycheck was issued Sept. 14. So far, he's been paid more than $136,000 since leaving.

The CRVA did not want to make a statement Friday.

CRVA's attorney, Cameron Furr, said in April during a Channel 9 investigation that according to his interpretation of public records laws, they are only allowed to reveal what Tim Newman has been paid, not what they've agreed to pay him in the future.

WSOC's attorneys said that all forms of compensation must be disclosed because of a 2010 statute, G.S. 160A-168: Privacy of Employee Personnel Records.

The station's attorneys said according to that statute, CRVA is required to tell the public not only the amount, but what the authority is paying Newman for. The law also states records of any agreement of employment are public record, including any severance deals.

The car allowances have continued despite DWI charges against Newman, which were filed in May.

He did petition for a limited driving privilege, which was granted.

In court papers, Newman said he had two beers before, a state trooper stated, Newman hit a woman in her car and kept going.

Newman is due in court in 10 days.

Officials with the Mecklenburg County District Attorney's Office said there are four possible scenarios for what could happen in court.

They said the case could go  to trial, and the DA's office would call witnesses like the trooper and the other driver. The case could be rescheduled at the request of the DA's office or Newman's attorney. Newman could also plead guilty, or the DA's office could dismiss the case, though officials said that was highly unlikely.

Eyewitness News left messages for Newman's attorney, Chris Connelly, but he did not return calls.