Gaston Co. schools request millions in funding for improvements

by: Tina Terry Updated:


GASTON COUNTY, N.C. - Gaston County commissioners are considering whether to release millions of dollars in bonds to repair schools that some say are falling apart.
Since last year Eyewitness News has followed parent complaints about mold and other problems at several schools in Gaston County.
When students complained about mold and broken lockers at Stanley Middle School last year, some parents went to Commissioner Chad Brown.
 "I do know the schools do need money," said Brown.
The school board sent a letter to commissioners Thursday proposing a way to pay for school improvements.
They want to use $8.5 million in left over bond funds to repair and renovations.
They also want to appropriate $15-25 million in bonds to pay for new schools to enlarge, reconstruct and renovate school buildings.
Brown wanted to know what that money will pay for and which schools will get it.
"Does one school get something before another school should?” Brown said. “I would like to see our money go to what is the biggest priority."
He also said voters should decide if those bonds set aside for new schools should go toward repairs.
 "I think the voters voted for that money to go to new schools and I think the votes should also have the chance to say where that money goes now,” Brown said. “This is their tax dollars at work."