Gay couple may be victims of hate crime

by: Jason Stoogenke Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A gay couple may be victims of a hate crime. 

Mark Little and his partner, Dustin Martin, live in Charlotte but were on vacation in Asheville. They went there about once every month, a place where they said they felt comfortable being gay.

They say they were walking back to their hotel, and two women pulled up and started calling them gay slurs. Then, they said, a man jumped out of the vehicle and punched Martin in the chest and Little in the face. Pictures show blood streaming down his cheek.

"He couldn't stop bleeding," Martin said.

"It's just so vile ... just so hateful," Little said. "It was just so hateful. It's awful."

Martin said being mugged would have been better.

"Hit me and take something. Hit me and steal from me. But don't hit me just because I like boys," he said.

At last check, Asheville police didn't have any suspects.