Gay Pride Festival brings issues to light before the DNC starts



UPTOWN CHARLOTTE - Just a week before the Democratic National Convention transforms Charlotte, it was the Gay Pride Festival that shut down a long stretch of road on South Tryon Street, between 4th and Stonewall Streets.

"We used to have it over two streets and now we're over six blocks," said attendee Armin Desch. "It's an amazing thing for Charlotte."

The two-day festival is expected to draw 40,000 plus people, organizers said. Many were excited to be at the Pride Festival but had the DNC on their minds.

"It's definitely a platform leading into the convention," said Michelle Santos.

She was at the festival with her wife, Lara Cox. They were married in New York after North Carolina passed Amendment One in May, defining marriage as a union only between a man and a woman.

"I think the convention next week is going to have a real chance to bring those issues to those city and see Charlotte move forward," said Santos.

Signs of the looming DNC were very visible at the Pride Festival.

Volunteers for President Obama set up tables and spoke to voters, just a few months after the President himself said he supported same-sex marriage.

Some protestors did demonstrate against homosexuality on Saturday.

We did witness several heated exchanges between protestors and supporters attending the festival.