• General Assembly approves $250,000 for McCrory's inauguration

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Gov.-Elect Pat McCrory's inauguration will run seven days over an eight-day period.  That's much longer than Gov. Bev Perdue's was four years ago, so it could end up costing taxpayers more.

    As usual, private groups foot a lot of the bill.  The most obvious example is the Junior League of Raleigh, which will host the main ball like it does every year. 

    Taxpayers pay the rest.  The General Assembly signed off on $250,000 for McCrory to spend.  He hasn't said if he'll use the full amount, but he doesn't seem to think so.

    "No, the process for the inauguration will be a celebration which will not cost taxpayers more money.  In fact, it may even cost less," he said.

    Perdue's inauguration spanned three days, not seven.  The General Assembly gave her the same as McCrory -- $250,000.  Perdue’s spokeswoman told Channel 9 the governor spent $125,000 -- half the amount.  Still, Perdue isn't judging. 

    "I did what I felt was right for the times and I feel certain that the governor-elect is doing the same thing,” Perdue said.

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