Action 9: GM recalls not scaring off customers

by: Jason Stoogenke Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The General Motors recalls don't seem to be scaring off customers.
There have been 29 recalls involving more than 10 million vehicles in the United States, but GM's sales are up compared with the same time last year -- 4 percent in March and 7 percent in April, according to published reports.
Maureen Powers owned a Saturn and she liked it so much she bought another GM vehicle -- a Chevrolet.  The Chevrolet is on the recall list and is in the shop because of an ignition switch problem blamed for 13 deaths.
"It amazes me to see how GM can survive through all this. I've actually made the comment of: If they don't go under as a result of this, it'll be amazing," she said.
So Action 9 went to local lots to see what GM is doing to win customers over. 
It redesigned many of its vehicles. It's also offering more high-gas-mileage choices, hoping to compete better with imports. 
GM is also offering deals, and the company seems to be more assertive about it. 
For example, Parks Chevrolet emailed Action 9 two alerts about its incentives in less than a week, and experts said GM is giving some customers employee pricing.
Steve Moore Chevrolet general sales manager Wil Pridgen said, "There's no reason not to have confidence in the vehicle now. I mean, the vehicles that we have out now are state-of-the-art and very few problems."

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