• McCrory upbeat after speaking to Obama about off-shore drilling


    RALEIGH, N.C. - Gov. Pat McCrory said he got a boost from President Barack Obama Wednesday for his idea to explore the possibility of off-shore drilling off the North Carolina coast.

    McCrory said he was able to talk briefly with the president when he stepped off Air Force One in Raleigh. The governor said he quickly asked if the president could help him look into whether off-shore drilling is viable for the state.

    "He immediately introduced me to the energy secretary and the energy secretary and I are going to have a meeting in February in Washington about off-shore drilling, and I'm going to bring some other governors with me," McCrory said.

    McCrory is part of a compact of coastal states pursuing a joint policy on off-shore drilling as a way to create jobs and revenue for North Carolina.

    Critics say it would spoil the state's coast and hurt the tourism industry.

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