• Govt shutdown affects federal bill written in honor of Kilah


    UNION COUNTY, N.C. - A federal law that would create tougher sentencing for child abusers is on hold because of the government shutdown.

    That federal bill was written in honor of Union County 3-year-old Kilah Davenport.

    Police said she suffered brain damage after she was severely abused by her stepfather last year.

    Kilah's Law, a recent NC state law, toughens the penalty for child abusers the state. An act called the Kikah Davenport Protection Act would do the same thing on a federal level and its gotten support from Rep. Robert Pittenger and Rep. Richard Hudson.

    Leaders say the legislation has been held up by the government shutdown. Kilah Dsavenport's family said Saturday they'll continue to fight for the act and hope to have it on the president's desk this legislative session.

    "We do have plans to travel to Washington. Going to keep fighting," said grandmother Leslie Davenport.

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