Teen credited with saving toddler from pit bull attack


CALDWELL COUNTY - A toddler has scratches and bite marks after being attacked by a neighbor’s dog in Caldwell County. Witnesses said the dog broke through a window screen to get to the child.

T.J. Blake’s 2-year-old grandson Eli has a bandage on his leg covering up the scars left behind after she says a pit bull attacked him Thursday. She was also scratched on her arm.

“He would have killed my grandson,” Blake said.

Blake said she and her grandson had seen the dog as they walked through the neighbor’s yard in Hudson on the way to play with friends. When they were walking back home she said the dog lunged through a screened window.

She grabbed the child, but said the dog was able to latch on.

“He had grabbed Eli’s leg and when he grabbed his leg I thought ‘I’ve got to get this child under me,’ he was trying to jerk Eli out of my arms,” Blake said.

She said she was trying to use her body to shield the child, but the dog pulled the toddler from underneath her. Thirteen-year-old Colton Hartley saw what was happening and sprang into action.

“I went in and tackled the dog off the kid and sat on them until it was safe enough to go in the house,” Colton said.

Eli has been released from the hospital but has to go back to the doctor next week.

“Colton was able to save my grandson and for that I will be forever grateful,” Blake said.

Caldwell County Animal Control said the dog is quarantined now and considered potentially dangerous.

Channel 9 talked to the owner of the dog off camera, who said the dog has never been aggressive before.

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