• HGTV cancels series featuring local brothers amid controversy

    By: Natalie Pasquarella


    CONCORD, N.C. - HGTV decided to scrap a show that features two local brothers who flip homes in the Charlotte area.
    The network hasn't said why it canceled David and Jason Benham's upcoming show, “Flip it Forward” but some are speculating it's because of their views on homosexuality and gay marriage.
    Eyewitness News reporter Alexa Ashwell just talked to the Behman brothers at their real estate offices in Concord.
    They said their faith cost them a television show then so be it.
    The brothers also said they will still help the six families they were helping through the show.
    HGTV tweeted Wednesday, "HGTV has decided not to move forward with the Benham brothers' series."
    The message is followed by hundreds of retweets and comments.
    The brothers believe the network made the decision after an article was posted on a liberal post called Right Wing Watch.
    It accused the brothers of being anti-gay and anti-choice Chrisitian extremists.
    It also referenced their father Rev. Flip Benham.
    Channel 9 reported in 2010 when he was convicted for stalking a doctor who performed abortions.
    The brothers said they don't have to agree with their father.
    They also said some of their words were misinterpreted in the article specifically remarks one brother made during a prayer rally during the Democratic National Convention.
    “I know there are folks out there right now who are hurt by some of the things that we've said,” one brother said. “Our message to them is we love you. If we truly love Jesus then we love other people."

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