• SC home with children inside riddled with bullet holes

    By: Greg Suskin


    CHESTER, S.C. - A Chester County home is riddled with more than a dozen bullet holes after gunshots ripped through it.
    Four children were asleep inside the house on Holmes Road when someone shot into it early Sunday morning.
    The family said it doesn't know who targeted them or why.
    Nine people avoided getting shot inside Kelshia Stroud’s home shredded by bullets that shattered windows, ripped through doors and left holes the living room, kitchen and rear walls. 
    Sheriff's deputies recovered slugs all over the house.
    Neighbor David Land was jolted awake. He said Holmes Road just outside of Chester has always been a peaceful neighborhood.
    "It was about five o'clock in the morning when I heard the shooting," Land said.
    "When they shot in, the curtains and everything just fell down and glass just came in the living room," Stroud’s daughter Jasmine Givens said.
    She was worried about her two young children. She said anyone who might have been standing or even sitting up, could've been killed.”
    "If they would have sat up during the shooting, the two people in the living room would be flat out dead," she said.

    Givens said her son always gets up early and asks for milk. This time, he didn't.
    "I just thank God that my baby wasn't up walking through this house," Givens said.
    Deputies found shell casings along a gravel driveway across the street. There are no suspects

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