• Homeowners to fight hard battle to get money back after wrong revaluations


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Some homeowners will have to fight a hard battle to get money back on Wednesday after they discovered their revaluations were wrong.

    The county attorney has been asked to look into the legality of asking the Legislature to pass a law that would allow the county to refund taxes retro-actively.

    Eyewitness News asked a UNC School of Government Professor how likely a bill would pass. He said that the North Carolina constitution requires any property tax law to be the same statewide and he doubts the general assembly would want to change the law for all counties just to benefit one.

    "It seems unlikely that the general assembly would be willing to tinker with their property tax rule statewide in part because, remember there is and has been an appeal process," said Chris McLaughlin.

    Eyewitness News spoke to some homeowners on Wednesday who said they plan to meet with lawmakers in the next week or so to talk about the problem. Some homeowners also told us that if things aren't fixed, then they are considering lawsuits.

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