• Huffington Post writer: '15 reasons why Charlotte is the weirdest'


    In a story released today, Huffington Post writer Carly Ledbetter, an Elon University graduate, listed 15 reasons why she considers Charlotte to be the weirdest. Her list can be found below.

    1. Downtown is called uptown.

    2. No one is actually from Charlotte.

    3. She identifies Michael Jordan, Cam Newton and Ryan Lochte as Charlotte’s local celebrities, and according to the story, “Easy to stalk, or spot, them around town.”

    4. “Everything is oddly evangelical.” In this reason she references the Billy Graham Library and Elevation Church.

    5. “Everyone works for the big three,” listed as Bank of America, Wells Fargo or Red Ventures.

    6. She says the “Buzz City Bobcats” are the only NBA team in Charlotte, but receive competition from Duke and UNC.

    7. “Bank of America is trying to tell you something.” Ledbetter references Frescoe paintings in the Bank of America building.

    8. “The streets are always empty.” The writer references CIAA and Friday night as the only times the city is not asleep.

    9.  “If you ain’t first, you’re last,” referencing NASCAR as Charlotte’s main sport and one of the city’s biggest attractions.

    10. “Public transportation is hilarious.” This shows a picture of an empty Light Rail stop.

    For the other five reasons, click here to read Ledbetter’s story, complete with pictures.

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