Huge tree smashes through south Charlotte home

by: Sarah Rosario Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Two homes in south Charlotte were damaged and a family is without a place to live after a tree fell on top of a house.
Residents said heavy rain Saturday night caused the tree to fall.
Eyewitness News spoke to residents who say it's a miracle no one was hurt.
Rebecca Torres-Terrell said she's seen branches come down during storms before but a tree this size coming down on her neighbor's house is a first.
"Nothing like this, it's total devastation over there," said Torres-Terrell.
The tree is in her backyard but it destroyed the house next door. It happened just before 10 p.m. Saturday.
A couple and their five dogs were inside the house when it happened. No one was hurt.
Torres-Terrell said the impact of the fall felt like an earthquake. Afterward she immediately went next door to make sure that her neighbors were OK.
“They came out in a panic and we met here in the middle," she said.
When firefighters arrived they told residents the tree was rotting. Both homes are rental properties.  A company is set to start cutting down the tree Monday.
“It has to come down. No question about it. It has to come down,” Torres-Terrell said.
The tenants who lived inside the house moved out Sunday and are now staying with friends.
While the damage to her home is limited, Torres-Terrell said she's staying with family because she's worried the rest of the tree will fall, too. She said it's a miracle no one was hurt.
 "Absolutely, I say it's God's tree and we're OK,” she said.