SCDOT scaling back crews as road conditions improve

by: Paige Hansen Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - By Wednesday afternoon, many roads in Rock Hill looked pretty clear, but that can really be deceptive. 
Snow under an overhang at a building never got sun Wednesday and never melted and spots like that on the roads will be a big problem in places tonight.
A minivan overturned Wednesday on Fire Tower Road near Rock Hill High School.
The driver, Bishop Warren just dropped off his wife at the doctor's office, when he felt his van start to slide out from under him. 
He lost control driving up a hill. He was not injured but his van was damaged.
"Once that front end started going a little bit, I tried to straighten it up, but it went backwards and just kept sliding on that ice,” Warren said.
South Carolina Department of Transportation trucks dumped tons of salt on local roads for most of the day and 33 trucks will be out until 7 p.m. Wednesday.
After that, a skeleton crew will take care of trouble spots.

Interstates in good shape, secondary roads treacherous

Parts of South Carolina were hit particularly hard by the winter storm Tuesday night.

South Carolina Department of Transportation officials told Channel 9 that some areas of York County are so bad, they've pulled in extra resources from counties that didn't get hit as hard.

The interstates are in good driving condition. Crews started pre-treating Interstate 77 Tuesday before the storm hit, which is why many drivers said they didn't have any problems Wednesday morning.

The problem areas drivers have run into are on the secondary roadways -- streets leading into and out of neighborhoods.

The DOT has 23 de-icing trucks in York County alone, working to scrape away the ice and drop calcium chloride to melt it away. Since 11 a.m., crews started shifting their focus from only the major roadways and started hitting the secondary routes too.

A couple from Michigan told Channel 9 this winter weather was nothing compared to what they're used to.

"I think everybody is driving with care. This is unusual because normally we have a lot of accidents at this time. But it looks like everybody is being cautious," said Reggie Bodrick.

Road crews are not working on any sidewalks, so be cautious walking on those icy patches.