Jurors hear emotional testimony from DMV shooting victim

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Jurors hear emotional testimony from DMV shooting

MONROE, N.C. - http://bit.ly/PaO1O3

Jurors heard emotional testimony Wednesday in the case of a Monroe couple shot several times during a robbery at a DMV license plate office.

Crystal Jordan testified about the night in November 2010 that she nearly died. Authorities say Otis Howie Jr. shot her and her husband, Robbie Jordan, while trying to steal their night deposit bag.

Prosecutors started the day's proceedings by playing audio recordings of several phone calls Howie made from the Union County Jail in the days after his arrest as he attempted to reach the mother of his two children by phone.

In the call, Howie instructed the woman to have a friend "get all his stuff up" and asked if his friend "got his  clothes."

Prosecutors argued Howie was trying to hide the blood-stained jeans authorities say he wore during the shooting.

In the calls, Howie also appeared to be setting up his alibi for the night of the shooting, telling the woman, "I was at home til midnight, I didn't leave nowhere," though she replied, "Yes, you did leave."

Wednesday afternoon, prosecutors called their final witness, Crystal Jordan, who testified she still suffers from medical issues from her five gunshot wounds.

Through tears, she told jurors, "I remember him shooting me and thinking 'Oh God, that hurt. Please don't let him shoot me again.'"

Her next memory, she said, was hearing her husband tell her, "No matter what happens, I love you."

Jurors also saw pictures from the months Crystal Jordan spent in the hospital and the blood-stained clothing emergency medical technicians cut from her body on the scene. The powerful images will likely be the last pieces of evidence they see, as closing arguments are expected to start Thursday.