• Kaplan withdraws license for Charlotte campus dental program

    By: Jim Bradley


    RALEIGH, N.C.,None - North Carolina's State Board of Community Colleges Friday approved a request by Kaplan College to withdraw its license to operate a program at its Charlotte campus.

    The Community College System regulates and licenses for-profit colleges like Kaplan.

    The move comes two months after an Eyewitness News Whistleblower 9 investigation uncovered allegations by students who said they were misled by Kaplan Admissions Counselors about whether the Dental Assistant Program was nationally accredited. 

    More than a dozen students came forward claiming they were told the program was “about to be accredited.”

    Eyewitness News, however, found Kaplan had never applied for accreditation for its Dental Assistant Program in Charlotte with the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

    After Eyewitness News began asking Kaplan College about the student complaints, Kaplan suspended enrollment of new students in the Dental Assistant program at its Charlotte campus and offered a total of $5 million in tuition refunds and stipends to students who had already enrolled.

    At the same time North Carolina's Attorney General and the NC Community College System began investigating Kaplan's actions. 

    Within days Kaplan contacted the state saying it wanted to voluntarily have its license to operate withdrawn.

    Kennon Briggs, Executive V.P of the NC Community College System says having a college request that a license to operate be withdrawn is rare.

    Briggs said he has suspended his investigation of Kaplan. "There is no reason to go forward because there will not be a dental assistant program offered at that location of Kaplan College. So, we are satisfied," Briggs said.

    Kaplan is still teaching classes for Dental Assistant students who enrolled before our investigation raised questions about the program. Until those classes are completed, North Carolina's Attorney General's office said its investigation will remain open to make sure Kaplan is honoring promises made to those students.

    Kaplan is still licensed to operate other programs at its Charlotte campus. 

    In order to reopen its Dental Assistant Program Kaplan will have to reapply for a license from the State Board of Community Colleges.

    Kaplan issued this statement Friday:

    “In December, we requested that the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) withdraw our Dental Assistant program license because we halted our new student enrollments. Without new enrollments, we are not eligible to pursue programmatic accreditation. We will reassess our plans for the Dental Assistant program after current students have graduated.
    Withdrawing the license for this program has no effect on the campus’ overall accreditation or other current programs.”

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