• Layaway angel hands out $100 to 6 women at Gastonia Walmart

    By: Ken Lemon


    Shoppers at a Gastonia Walmart were overwhelmed when a complete stranger walked into the store and handed them a $100 bill.

    Six women were standing at the layaway counter when the good Samaritan handed them each $100 and walked out of the store without saying anything.

    One of the women, Bonnie Tanner, who is a single mother of two children, told Channel 9 she was completely overwhelmed by the good deed.

    Channel 9 reporter Ken Lemon said four of the six women were single mothers and one of them is a grandmother.

    The grandmother was at the store to cancel her layaway items because she was taking care of her grandchild over the holidays and needed to money for diapers.

    Tanner said the grandmother fell to her knees and cried when the man handed her the money.

    She said the man did not say anything to the women and quickly left the store. One of the women went looking for him, but he was gone.

    Tanner said her 11-year-old son is so inspired by what happened, he wants to break the $100 into smaller bills so he can give it away like this man did for his mother.

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