Lincoln County sees rash of daytime break-ins



LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. - Investigators in Lincoln County are reaching out to anyone who can help them solve a string of break-ins.

David Lester showed Eyewitness News how a burglar came into his home while he and he wife were in church last weekend.

“I don't know what would bestow a man's mind to break in like this on a Sunday, especially,” Lester said.

The back door was knocked off the hinges.

“They broke this thing. Man, they broke it bad,” he said.

But nothing was taken. Investigators think when Lester and his wife came home, the thief got scared and took off.

“It's getting worse and worse and worse,” Lester said.

Lincoln County sheriff's investigators have seen a rash of break-ins, most of which have happened during the day. There have been 14 so far this month.

“We have just had so many homes hit and no information to go on,” Lt. Tim Johnson said.

A convenience store security camera near one of the break-ins captured a white Cadillac. They think the suspect may have been inside.

Investigators said they need help finding it and catching the thief.

“We need to make sure everybody in the neighborhoods are out looking, calling 911,” Johnson said.

Lester thinks the thief may eventually break into a home with people inside.

“They (are) liable to go in on somebody and get killed,” he said.

Investigators said they have had burglars like this before, with people using the same method to get into homes, but those people have been arrested or convicted.  Detectives are now checking to see if any of those individuals or their known associates have been recently released from custody.