• Local Red Cross volunteer heads to New York after Sandy


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A local Red Cross volunteer is giving her time to help after the disaster left in Hurricane Sandy’s wake.

    “We’re talking about people really being displaced and shelters being opened up all over the place,” said volunteer Dee Moon.

    Moon just returned from West Virginia on Thursday, where she was helping blizzard victims dealing with feet of snow.

    "As we were snowed in, we reached out to the local chapter there, to see what we could do to help those people, and we were able to work a shelter while we were still under about 2 feet of snow," Moon said.

    She said the conditions made it tougher to help blizzard victims.

    "This snow came down so fast and so hard, it didn't come down like a straight snow. It was sideways, and it was like just you know stinging," she said.

    Even though she just returned home, Moon is already getting ready to go out again.

    She’ll head to New York on Friday to help more storm victims.

    She said she wants the public to know they can help too by reaching out to their local Red Cross chapter.

    "They need help, they need help. They need more volunteers, we are always looking for people to volunteer,” Moon said.

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