• Magnets can be dangerous for children, doctor says

    By: Jaqueline Fell


    Christmas is more than a month away, but many children's lists are already getting long.                         

    The government's top consumer group wants to make sure your child is staying away from certain toys.

    They're marketed to adults – high-powered magnets such as Buckyballs or zen magnets.

    There's a warning right on the box -- "Keep Away From Children" -- but doctors say the labels are not working.

    Dr. Bryan Rudolph said he sees a countless number of children coming into the Emergency Room after swallowing the magnets, many times causing internal injuries.

    “They come together inside the body and can trap tissue like the intestines,” Rudolph said.

    Young kids swallow the magnets because they think they're candy. Doctors have seen teens swallow them because they're mimicking tongue or lip piercing.

    Buckyballs have been discontinued and are only available online until supplies run out.

    The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is in the process of banning other high powered magnets.

    Doctors warn the rules won't come in time for this holiday shopping season.

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