Ex-football player accused of murder takes stand in own defense

by: Paige Hansen Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Kenan Gay, who is accused of murdering a man outside a Dilworth bar, is back on the stand Tuesday morning to a packed courtroom.

Gay took the stand Monday in his own defense just before the day in court wrapped up.

On Tuesday, Gay's demeanor was stronger than on Monday when he seemed nervous.

Channel 9 reporter Paige Hansen, who is live-tweeting in court, said there is standing room only in the courtroom.

Jurors watched a 16-minute long surveillance video  leading up to what happened that night in 2012.


Prosecutors said during an altercation in March 2012, Gay pushed another man, Robert Kingston, into the road where he was hit and killed by a car driving by.
On Monday, the defense got in a few questions about Gay's childhood, and his relationship with his wife and friends, but they did not talk about the night at Ed’s Tavern.

Defense attorney David Rudolf acknowledged Monday would be a big day for his client.

"He's nervous but he'll be alright," Rudolf said before court.

Gay's voice was shaky and he was emotional when he talked about his wife, who the defense said he was defending when the incident happened. 

Rudolf also said jurors will have to weigh how alcohol affected the perceptions of those involved that night two years ago at the bar.
Prosecutors said that's where Kingston was pushed to his death by Gay.
The jury spent the majority of Monday listening to the defense question their expert, an associate at Accident Research Specialists.
The defense used the witness to try to prove Gay did not intentionally push Kingston in front of the car.
John Flanagan analyzed surveillance video and took measurements outside Ed's Tavern. Prosecutors pointed out Flanagan has never been inside Ed’s Tavern.
Flanagan said he estimates Gay moved from inside to outside the bar at an average speed of 4 to 7 feet per second.
Prosecutors asked if the expert witness had ever studied Gay's stride and movement in person. He testified he had not.
Flanagan also testified about the slope outside the bar, saying there is between a 5 to more than 7 percent slope from the sidewalk outside Ed's Tavern to the curb near the roadway.
The defense also began questioning the owner of The Blind Pig Bar in NoDa.
The owner said he'd seen Kingston there at least four times.
He said Kingston would go from "fun to crude and obnoxious" after a few drinks.
Gay is expected to continue testifying Tuesday.

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