• Man charged in connection with triple homicide hospitalized

    By: Tina Terry


    MORGANTON, N.C. - The man charged in connection with a triple homicide in Morganton is in a hospital bed instead of behind bars.
    Donald Kincaid was arrested Wednesday night and accused of killing his former girlfriend, Barbara Johnson.
    His first appearance in court was Thursday.
    Kincaid’s provisional attorney said he has battled pneumonia and other illnesses since Johnson, her son Freddie and her best friend Zakiya Bey were found dead in Johnson's Morganton home nearly a month ago.
    "I think it would be a liability for the jail and I want to make sure he continues to get care until he's recovered more," said attorney Victoria Jayne.
    The judge allowed Kincaid to go to a hospital and appointed him an attorney, but not much was said in court about the day in early August when emergency workers found Kincaid at Johnson's house with blood on his face and out of breath.
    Police found the three victims inside the house.
    Investigators said they all died from blunt force trauma and there were signs of a struggle.
    Kincaid said one thing led to another after he saw his girlfriend dancing with another woman.
    Eyewitness News visited a soup kitchen where the victims often ate. People there said they're holding onto memories of the victims, whom they loved like family.
    "They will be remembered for being a part of my family," said Jill King, executive director of the facility.
    A grand jury will decide whether Kincaid will face charges in the other two deaths. He'll likely face a judge later this month.

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