• Man charged with shooting good Samaritan had criminal record

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The 18-year-old charged with shooting a good Samaritan has a long criminal record.

    Deandre White has been arrested 12 times in the last two years. In fact, he had just gotten out of jail Tuesday and was back a day later for this case.

    Police said White was in the car with his girlfriend, Sataria Baker, and was hitting her, and that two good Samaritans stopped to see if she was alright.

    Investigators said White then shot at them several times, hitting the female good Samaritan in the leg, and then took off. There was a short chase before White crashed his car and was arrested.

    Baker tells a much different story. She said she was driving, no one shot anyone and White wasn't even hitting her.

    "If he was beating me, then I would have something," she said. "It's no faking, no beating. You beating somebody, there'd be something, something on me, a scratch, something."

    Police stand by their story and charged White with about a dozen crimes, including assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a female and possessing a stolen firearm. Add that to his already lengthy record, including robbery, breaking and entering, and resisting an officer, and he has a dozen arrests since 2010 -- about one every other month.

    When WSOC went by the good Samaritan's home, no one answered. When WSOC went to White's home, a man and woman there asked the crew to stay off their property, but then the woman said she just doesn't know what happened and doesn't want to speak out of turn.

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