Man checks in car at airport valet, later finds gun missing

by: Trish Williford Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A passenger at Charlotte Douglas International Airport said his gun and cash were stolen from his car after he checked his car into valet at the airport.
Michael Connor said he used the airport's valet before he boarded his flight Tuesday. 
When his flight landed the next day, Connor said the valet brought his car around and when he got in, he immediately noticed his .380-caliber handgun missing from a secret compartment and some cash was gone as well.
Connor said he immediately went back inside the airport and complained to Park Inc., the company that operates parking at the airport.
 "He pretty much told me that 'we're not responsible for theft, you should've told us you had a weapon in the car when we asked you' and I said, 'You didn't ask me,'" Connor said.
Connor called police and is fearful his gun could now end up in the wrong hands.
Park Inc's contract with the airport is ending. 
A new company, AmeriPark, takes over next month.
We contacted the head of Park Inc. for a response and he had no comment.

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