• Man returns home, finds bullet holes throughout

    By: Kathryn Burcham


    MONROE, N.C. - Monroe Police are looking for suspects after a family's home is riddled with bullets.
    "I know I would have been shot if I would have been here," said Clayton Polk.
    Polk said he was at a relative's home Tuesday night with his wife and three children when he returned home to find bullet holes piercing the front of his house and damage throughout.
    Polk showed Channel 9 several holes through his living room and kitchen walls, and a bullet that smashed into his television.
    "It was right inside my house. They were lucky there wasn’t anybody home. We could have been dead," Polk said.
    Police are investigating the possibility the violence was triggered following a fight earlier in the day at a nearby playground, where Polk's younger brother was playing basketball against several teenagers.
    Investigators said Polk's brother doesn't even live with the family, despite the home being targeted.
    "You can't take a street fight and take it to a family's home and shoot into the home like that," said Detective Morgan Malone with Monroe Police. "We are going to file some serious charges when we get to the bottom of it, because this is not something to be taken lightly."

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