Man survives watercraft explosion on Lake Wylie

by: Tina Terry Updated:


LAKE WYLIE, S.C. - A Waxhaw man was thrown through the air when his personal watercraft exploded on Lake Wylie.

"It kind of sounded like thunder," said Dominic Stevens. He was at Lake Wylie during the explosion.

"We heard a huge explosion and she literally saw a man shoot up about 30 feet in the air," said Chip Traub, the owner of Wylie Boat Rentals. He was at the lake when the watercraft exploded near the Buster Boyd Bridge Friday.

"We rushed over there," said Paul Imirie, who was on a pontoon boat with his family when he rushed to the man's rescue.

"He was real confused, obviously. He went through a shock," he said. "We loaded him up and just held him as still as we could until help got there."

Emergency workers rushed him to the hospital. Amazingly he survived with just minor injuries.