• Man tries to clear name after child sex charges dropped

    By: Ken Lemon


    Weeks ago this man was charged with molesting a baby girl but all of the charges have been dropped.

    Michael Crowder is out of jail, but still suffering from the impact of his wrongful arrest for sexual assault on a 9-month-old baby.
    He was told he can't get his job back as a janitor even after the charges were dropped and he's also worried about losing his home.
    "It was wrong,” Crowder said. “All of it was wrong because I didn't do (any) of it."

    He was charged three weeks ago after witnesses said they saw Crowder put his hand in a baby's diaper during a birthday party in Gastonia.
    His bond was set at $1 million.
    "I thought I would never get out,” Crowder said. “A million dollar bond you know, that's like life."
    He was badly beaten by the woman who said she saw him take advantage of a helpless child, which resulted in his hospitalization.

    "I couldn't open my eyes for two days," he said.

    His case was dismissed because there was insufficient evidence to support the charges.

    The witnesses against Crowder gave conflicting stories.

    "You couldn't imagine how happy I was," he said.

    Now, he wants to clear his name and get his life back.

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