Many security, safety changes in effect uptown

by: Tina Terry Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Preparations for the Democratic National Convention shutdown business as usual Sunday in Uptown Charlotte. 

The area was full of activity as workers moved cement blocks to close roads.

Huge steel fences kept people from parking along roads and made it difficult for those who call Uptown home.

"It's kind of crazy obviously very hectic. It was hard just getting around all the temporary fencing to get across town," said uptown resident Drew Picciano.

On almost every road you could see police officers on bikes, or walking with batons. Secret Service agents surveyed crowds.

Channel 9 saw officers stopping a few people to check their bags and backpacks.

Despite the security precautions, an excitement was in the air.

Even some locals said they were willing to put up with all of the congestion to be part of history.

"It's a sacrifice we all take, because it's something that will bring wealth to the city. It will be an attribute to the city," said Dr. Bernadette Lawson-Williams.

Several more Uptown roads were slated to close on Monday, including some near Time Warner Cable Arena, where several DNC events will be held this week.

Starting Monday night, commercial vehicles bringing deliveries into uptown must go through a security checkpoint.

A remote delivery site has been set up near the intersection of North Davidson and East 12th streets.

The delivery site will open at 6 p.m. and run through Friday.