• Mayor Foxx cancels meeting 30 minutes before start


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx did not say Monday night which City Council members asked him to postpone an important budget meeting earlier in the afternoon.

    Foxx canceled the meeting just 30 minutes before it was scheduled to start.

    City leaders were supposed to debate the $119 million street car project for Elizabeth. It is part of the budget's capital improvement plan.

    Foxx said there are not enough votes to exclude the streetcar from the budget, and that there are not enough votes to pass it, as part of the plan right now.

    "What can happen in three weeks that hasn't happened already? Well, I think to some extent, the time pressure is crystallizing some of the distinctions between the points of view. And one can remain hopeful that we can get a result," said Foxx.

    The streetcar is part of more than $900 million plan that would mean an 8 percent property tax hike.

    Foxx delayed the meeting by three weeks.

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