• Mecklenburg Co. to join statewide N.C. Aware database

    By: Mark Becker


    MECKLENBURG COUNTY, N.C. - It's taken a few years, but Mecklenburg County is ready to sign onto a statewide database that will tell officers if someone they've stopped is wanted in another part of the state.

    Officers have access to a national database that includes serious crimes, but they may not find out if someone is wanted in another part of the state for missing court or even domestic violence.

    That information has been available in the N.C. Aware database for several years, but Mecklenburg County is one of only two counties that haven't tied into it.

    That will change next month.

    "What difference will it make? Just having more information available to the officers when they're doing their jobs, I think that's a tremendous benefit," said Tom Eberly, Mecklenburg County criminal justice director.

    Police departments have to train their officers to use N.C. Aware and Matthews is already starting with that training.

    They plan to be ready when it starts Jan. 16.

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