• Melting snow causes threat of falling trees


    CHARLOTTE - All the snow that fell this week caused some trees to topple over on Charlotte homes Saturday. 

    The trees left two people homeless.
    "It sounded like something exploded. It just sounded like an explosion," said Kenny Wilson.

    Wilson was asleep in a back bedroom when the tree came crashing down.

    "I'm thankful God is good, because I normally sleep on that chair under that tree."

    Wilson was house sitting for Deborah Watson, who lives on Glenrock Drive with her two daughters.

    "My whole kitchen and living room is gone," said Watson.

    Emergency workers on the scene said they haven't seen a lot of trees fall this weekend, but they say heavy snowfall has led to a handful of fallen trees.

    "I heard something sliding. I heard a big boom, a big bang," said Donna Dixon.

    Her house on Spruce Street was also hit by a huge tree Saturday.

    "I thought thank God it didn't fall on me. That's what I thought. I'm really lucky, I'm a blessed woman."

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