• Meth lab busted near day care


    BURKE COUNTY, N.C. - The church day care, which has about 60 children, is less than a football field away from where deputies say they found a meth lab.

    Investigators believe the two people who lived there were making meth on a weekly basis in front of their own children.

    Michael and Susan Puckett are both charged with manufacturing methamphetamine. Investigators said it was a domestic call that brought deputies to the home where they discovered the lab.

    Deputies say they were shocked to find children inside the home where meth was being cooked -- and just feet away from dozens of other children at the child enrichment center at the First Baptist Church.

    "As officers and parents you are concerned about the children. When you come into a home with a meth lab that is very volatile, your heart goes out," said Sheriff Steve Whisenant.

    After the cleanup we could see children playing across the street from the home.

    "What about the kids across the street? What are you talking about at the daycare, what daycare?" said Michael Puckett.

    He told us he was unaware of a day care at the church. Kayla Petus is a teacher at the day care and, like everyone here, had no idea about the lab until police showed up today.

    "It is crazy because we deal with small children and it could blow up. It is scary," said Petus.

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