Michelle Obama, Jill Biden speak to women's caucus during DNC

by: Tenikka Smith Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Women’s issues have been in the forefront of this presidential campaign, and on Thursday, first lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden spoke to an energized crowd at the women's caucus.

Before Mrs. Obama took the podium, U.S. Rep. and civil rights activist John Lewis spoke to the crowd. He talked about the strength, bravery and determination of women who have spent decades fighting for their rights.

Mrs. Obama continued that message, telling the group that her husband, President Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden have women's backs and want to continue to move women forward. She reminded them about his equal pay legislation and his support for health care reform.

“All of that is on the line. It’s all at stake in November,” Mrs. Obama said.

Before the women's caucus, Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden helped to pack care packages for service members returning from overseas. The USO service project was a part of the DNC committee’s goal for its staff to perform 2,012 hours of community service in Charlotte before the start of the convention.

Mrs. Obama said they surpassed that goal, reaching 4,000 hours.