Military mom introduces first lady at DNC

by: Natalie Pasquarella Updated:


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - First lady Michelle Obama was introduced by a military mother before she addressed the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night.

Elaine Brye was ready for the national spotlight. When she took the stage to introduce the first lady, she focused on Michelle Obama's support for the military.

“I just really want to share from a mother's heart that, you know, we can have a lot of different opinions for a lot of different things, but there are some things we all need to come together, and this is something that's important,” Brye said.

The Ohio mother of five has four children who serve.

Last year, she wrote a Christmas card to the first lady, thanking her.

“I had been following what Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden were doing with joining forces, and I just felt led to write her a thank you note, mom to mom, and include our Christmas card, pictures of our kids, and just say thank you for caring,” Brye said.

Little did she know, months later she'd get a big invite in the mail.

“I looked, and it was from the White House, and I opened it up, and here it was, and invitation to a state dinner,” she said.

She and her husband went to the White House in March and sat at the head table with Michelle Obama and celebrities like George Clooney.

She talked one-on-one with the first lady.

“We talked like moms. We talked about kids, raising kids. She wanted to know why our kids decided to go into the military. I told her about our family history,” Brye said.

Two weeks ago, Brye got another big invite, to introduce her new friend in front of millions.

“I really want to convey how important it is to care about our military and their families, and that's been demonstrated by Mrs. Obama,” Brye said.