• Monday night, CMS superintendent holds meeting on schools


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - On Monday night, principals, teachers, parents and community leaders will gather for a presentation made by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Superintendent Heath Morrison.

    Eyewitness News was with Morrison last Tuesday as he visited his final school, Hawk Ridge Elementary in Ballentyne.

    Morrison didn't give specifics as to what will be discussed during the Monday night meeting, but said he will talk about what he learned, what goals he has set moving forward and some clear steps to make sure change happens.

    Morrison said he wanted to strengthen the community's view of the district as a whole, and said he wants to bring the community into the discussion about change and make sure every student is given the tools to reach individual potential.

    One teacher told Eyewitness News what she is anticipates hearing tonight.

    "I would like to see all the positive things that are happening in CMS come out because there are a lot of great things happening in this school district and we have a lot of great children," said Cindy Pusanik.

    The Monday night presentation comes just two weeks after a few big changes were already made to CMS.

    The superintendent released findings of three audits and shifted some executive staff members around into new positions.

    Eyewitness News will be inside of that meeting and will have updates at 11 p.m.

    To visit the CMS website, click here.

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