Monroe man on trial after robbery, shooting at DMV office

by: Kathryn Burcham Updated:


MONROE, N.C. - A Monroe man is on trial for attempted murder in the robbery and shooting of a couple outside a Department of Motor Vehicle License Plate Office.

The male victim, Robbie Jordan, took the stand Thursday to testify against Otis Howie, Jr.

Prosecutors say Howie conspired with three other people to rob the DMV office, shooting Robbie and Crystal Jordan multiple times while stealing the night deposit bag.

Jordan told the jury he watched Howie approach them in the parking lot with a gun, and watched as Howie shot his wife again and again, even after she was lying on the ground. Jordan pointed to his own scars from where he said Howie then shot him.

Prosecutors spent part of Thursday outlining the investigation phase of the case, including the moment when Jordan picked Howie's mugshot out of a lineup.

"It gave me cold chills. I knew that's him," Jordan said, while identifying Howie in the courtroom.

The defense tried to cast doubt on Howie as the actual shooter, questioning witnesses on details about the shooter's hair and clothing.

Defense attorney Miles Helms also asked Jordan if he had seen Howie's face for a sufficient period of time to make a true identification.

Howie replied he had seen it long " ... enough for him to empty that gun ... enough for him to shoot her on the ground, and then shoot her some more."

Testimony will resume Friday.